Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are We Done Yet?

The Olympics have been an absolute blast, but it's time for everyone to go home now. I'm exhausted. And fat. I've never eaten so many street vendor hotdogs in such a short period of time. I was voted "best mixed meat" at one event after an accounting of everything I'd chowed down on over the course of 3 hours.

I saw way more stuff than I had planned to. Unused tickets fell into my lap, which was fabulous for me, and helped make sure there were few empty seats at the arenas. Kudos to everyone who gave away/horsetraded tickets that they couldn't use. Notwithstanding I came into the Olympics with tickets to only the women's gold medal hockey game, I ended up attending two medal ceremonies, including our first gold, Alex Bilodeau, the men's long program ice skating final, the ice dancing finals where Canada won gold, and of course, the women's ice hockey gold medal game. So I came as close to a lot of gold as I'm ever going to. Here we are at the women's gold medal game. It was an amazing game and amazing crowd:

But here's my Olympic highlight (and that includes the men's gold medal hockey, which I will blessedly be viewing from the comfort of my own home tomorrow):

On the right, the man who needs no introduction, and on the left, his brother Yosef. Both lovely lovely men who were gracious enough to extend an invitation to this Ethiopian community event, to the adoption community as well. Makeda, of course, is more interested in the Olympic torch. The icing on the cake was this:

Yes, Robel autographed Makeda's soccer ball. Look, right under "one love". What a great day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is What Makes Me Happy

Head on over here, and have a peek at Happy. Haze and I have journeyed together for quite some time. My file went to Ethiopia in September '07 and hers went in November '07. Makeda came home in May '08, and Haze has been waiting with the patience of a Saint ever since. Different agencies, different journeys, different timelines, but FINALLY, an especially long and agonizing wait is over. Oh baby, Baby's coming home. Can't wait to see the first pics. Woo hoo Haze!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love This Man!

News Reporter, interviewing Robel Teklemariam: "Tonight, he'll carry the Ethiopian flag as part of the opening ceremonies."

Robel: "I have to, I'm the only one."

Love it. A trailblazer with a sense of humour.

Now, for all you Lower Mainlanders, check this out. There will be a fun-filled family event to recognize the dedication and hard work of Robel Teklemariam in representing his country as a sole competitor. It is also to inspire children and youth of Ethiopian origin that live in Vancouver to pursue their dreams as Robel did. This event will take place on February 27th from 3:30-7:00 p.m. at Collingwood Neighbourhood House located on 5288 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC V5R 4G8.

I'm also trying to arrange something through his brother that would focus on our local adoption community, but I haven't heard back yet. Stay tuned.

On a slightly different, but still sporty note, VANOC is releasing "surprise" tickets on a haphazard and random basis, so you have to keep checking the website, and one of my friends just scored Row 13 men's figure skating for us this Thursday night. Go Patrick Chan!!! And (although the musical guest at this ceremony cannot begin to compete with Trooper and Lover Boy next week), I have also scored tickets to tonight's medal ceremony where the big prize will be presented to none other than... Alex Bilodeau! For $22! I'm on a role.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Olympic Fever that is!!!

Today, I'm right in the thick of it. Working downtown, I can see helicopters and planes flying overhead all the time. It's quite a racket. The Flame went by out front about an hour ago and the crowds are huge. Last night I grabbed Makeda and we went with B and her sons into Kitsilano to watch it go through that neighborhood. Men in black talking importantly into earpieces as they surround the runner. Makeda waved at everyone in true princess style and swished a Canadian flag back and forth. Here she is with Tessie.

I've now attached my obligatory Canadian flag to my car and am starting to line up tickets to a few events. You may recall this. In order to ensure that my sports and culture exposure remain balanced, I've also acquired tickets to see this quintessential Canadian band which is playing with that other quintessential Canadian band, Loverboy, at one of the medal ceremonies (I know, I know you've never heard of them, but trust me, north of the border these boys were HUGE back in the '80's.)

Lastly, even though I don't have tickets, I'll be watching this at 3:30 pm (EST) on Monday February 15th - Robel Teklemarian, Ethiopia's sole representative at the Winter Olympics, compete in the Men's 15km cross-country skiing event.

You can read and comment on his blog here. Makeda will be dropping by the office Monday afternoon to share the Ethiopian Olympic spirit and enjoy the race while mama enjoys the view. Is he hot or what?

Go Canada (and Ethiopia) Go!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

Sweetie, learn to hide the evidence.

Actually, to give her credit, the first half of the kleenex box contents were stuffed under the seat cushion of the armchair she's leaning against, so she may have had an inkling that this was a no-no.