Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's in a Name

I first ran across Makeda's name in Melissa Fay Greene's book "There is No Me Without You". It felt right, immediately. I held onto it, shared it with a few people, but didn't commit until I'd seen her dear face and knew without a doubt that this was her name. There were a few others I kept tucked away, one of which in particular really resonated with me. While the name was beautiful, it was the translation that really stole my heart. Since Makeda has two middle names, you might think that I saved this name as her middle name. But I didn't. I never had a doubt that this second name belonged to a separate soul - one that I had yet to be joined with.

So, here starts my next adventure. The first of the forms has been filed and I've officially begun my journey to Baby A. This will be a longer journey, probably closer to two years. Which I guess makes me an elephant. But at the end - a beautiful baby girl - Makeda's little sister.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And Time Goes By...

A lifetime ago, it seems, I wrote this. And now, almost six months have passed since I brought Makeda home, and it's time, once again, to honour my committment to her birthmom. Here's the pics I've assembled to send to her, in order. From the first unassisted sit, to the first stand, you've come a long way baby!

Much love, Fozia! Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Look Who's One!!

The official day was November 3, but we had a wee party on the Sunday. Poor kid - the entire time she was eating I had a flashbulb in her face - but the results were worth it. And, she stood up and cruised for the first time, right on the big day. I also took her for her one year check up, and she has grown 8 centimetres in the past 2.5 months. She's now 80cm (32 inches) tall, and in the 90th percentile for height. Yikes! She's starting to look like a toddler!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Damn Yankees - Don't Screw it up This Time!

Don't let this be you. Again.
You blew it in 2000 and again in 2004. An apology just won't be good enough this time. We may invade you. At a minimum, you will incur the wrath of Barb, for wasting her donkey party memorabilia.

Yes, that's right. Me and 20 or so of my closest friends with nothing better to do than watch another country's election, will be partying with the donkey. These same accessories, while retailing at Target for US$3.99, were imported by me, at precisely the moment that the Cdn $ blew back under $.80US, thus costing me approximately Cdn $102. Take pity on me. Don't wreck the party. Vote for Obama.