Monday, December 29, 2008

Belated Christmas Pics

Yes, Santa stopped here

This stocking was too heavy to be hung with care

Required mama reading

Oh the noise we will make!

Christmas pj's

With Tessie and favorite toy, the remote control

Dinner at the grandparents

First taste of pumpkin pie

With gramma
xox hope everyone had a merry christmas!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

You WILL Pay Attention to Me. I Am Your Mother.

There has always been a Christmas tradition at my house that the children are read "The Night Before Christmas", on Christmas Eve. This year, there was only one available child, and she is not yet so inclined to sit still for that long. But I perservered. Even though I only got through 2 pages in my lovely singsong voice, after which I had to speedread. She started squirming by page 3 and although I successfully fought her off for awhile, I eventually had no choice but to put on the chokehold. We didn't make it to the end. Here is the sequence of events, as captured by auntie judy.

And a couple of more pics of our lovely evening.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I Had a Dream

I've been out of love with my computer lately, hence the lack of posting. So I'm a day late with this, but it seemed worth a post. This is the first picture I ever got of Makeda, received way back on December 20, 2007. I was in Toronto on business, and it arrived at about noon, Toronto time. I remember the time well as I was running around the office like a maniac looking for someone, anyone, to tell, and everyone was out doing last minute Christmas shopping and actually taking lunches for once.

For all of you out there who read a lot into your dreams, think about this, and keep dreaming - I received my referral just a couple of hours after I emailed my mom to tell her that I'd had a dream the previous night that my referral would arrive that day, and that her birthdate was October 24th. Turns out I missed the birthday by a week, but I sure nailed the day.

Who is this skinny minnie? But I sure know those lips and eyes...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh the Shame

And yet, he calls it likes he sees it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Never Thought It'd Be THIS Bad!

This time last year I thought I'd check out a new internet dating service (well, not new, but one that I hadn't tried yet) called Plentyoffish. And let me say that I had a pretty damn good response rate. Sort of. Volume was high, but I only found 2 guys that I was willing to date and I only agreed to one of them because he was so damn persistent and what girl doesn't like a guy who really shows he's interested? But the volume was impressive. Then I left it to focus on Makeda's then pending arrival, and now I thought, since Tessie is settled in, perhaps I should examine the possibility of getting a dating life back again. So, back on I went. Now, there was no doubt that my single mom profile was not going to be quite as attractive as my previous one. So I put an extra good picture up (get your minds out of the gutter people - I'm on the "long-term relationship" part of the site) and waited to see what would happen. I waited. And then I thought perhaps people don't log on on the weekends anymore. So I'll just be patient. Then I waited some more. And more. And then - whoo hoo - there was ONE! He hadn't included a picture, which is fairly bad form, I think, since I went to the trouble to post one. So I asked him to include a pic. Unfortunately, the guy's a total smartass. This was the picture he sent.

So I played along, ha ha aren't you a funny boy, and clarified that I wanted the picture of him, not the latest GQ coverboy. So he sent this.

Still a smartass. So I gave up. That must a new plentyoffish sign-up and bail out record.