Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bon Voyage

Tomorrow Makeda and I are taking a little journey together, so I'll be offline for awhile. To China in fact. Beijing, Shanghai, X'ian and then Guilin, followed by Hongkong where I have some business to attend to. Yup, me and a two year old...on a plane...together... for 11 hours. But, I'm no fool. This is a project for not one, not two, but THREE adults. Yes, Gramma and Grampa are coming along. Aren't I lucky? We've travelled together before, so it's quite safe. Except they will have 3 weeks 24/7 exposure to my parenting skills, or lack thereof. Judgements may be passed. Hmmm, maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall. Oh hell, they've known me for 41 years - they know how useless I am. Three adults to one small child. That is a ratio I can travel with.

To keep things simple, Makeda sat through her first professional braiding session. It's supposed to last 3 weeks, but I'm not so sure...Please join me in prayer that the cheap travel dvd player I bought lasts out the trip...


Katy said...

Bon Voyage! Good luck. I hope you all have a blast. Three generations travelling is cool. Pretty braids.

Gina said...

Have a lovely trip! Wow, you are a brave one. It's great your parents are going. Make sure you eat at the famous dumpling restaurant in Xian. They'll offer you the water they boiled the dumplings in, but don't drink it! Love the "do"!

Liz said...

You are just full of surprises - a trip to China, of all things?!?! Have a great time!

And I like the braids too!

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

Wow. When you're in Central, HK wave up towards the Peak and you'll be waving at my parents!
Have a great trip...look forward to hearing how your parenting skills played out :)
I guess I'll just keep emailing updates to your work email and assume you're getting them even though I just rec'd an out of office autoreply.

habeshachild said...

wow wow wow.

your life is just so freaking glamorous. I am green with envy. also, that your parents would go with you - that is so very awesome!

please take a gazillion photos and travel safely.


Mary-Ann said...

Have fun! M looks adorable with the braids.

hazel said...

Pictures please!!! (and send us back some dumplings while you're at it)